What is real?


What do you think is “real”?

Haha, how the hell should I know was my first thought…
I think this is question is one off the most difficult question to answer. If I was about 20 years in the beginning of 2000, I think this question had been more easy to answer. Then I had taken the same opinion as my parents had when I was around 10-11 years, “Don’t be in front of the computer all day, go out and play! See the real world and meet people!”  and maybe I have the same thoughts as my parents now.
I don’t want to hang in the front of a computer all day anymore, instead I want to go out and feel the fresh air and do some activity. But that could also feel like unreal sometimes, so what’s real? Is difficult to answer… Sometimes everything in the games feels real, I mean I speaking with real people and I got emotions when I’m playing, I have a lot off fun and could also be very angry. But if I was living my 20 years old life in beginning of 2000 I had told you that computers and games is unreal and you should go outside and have fun instead. Because one day will the real world disappear and all the friends you know will be gone. You never get the same connection with a guy through computers as you get in the real life.

What do you think might be two positive and two negative aspects of the hololens if it was to be widely used?

Positive, is the only thing I think about it! Does it even have any bad things?
I love the idea of hololens! It’s a cool effect I would like to use.


  • You can build your own world.
  • Meet your friend in the game.
  • Be wherever you want.


  • You have to wear clumsy eyewear.
  • You can forget what is real and unreal -> get crazy?
  • “Dreaming” all day long, don’t care about meeting people.


Do you think oculus rift will have a life outside of games?

No, I don’t think so. I think oculus rift is just a project who will die out soon. It’s a very cool project but I don’t think people want to use eyewear like oculus rift, it’s to clumsy and scary to use. People can get in chock and die if they sitting and playing for a long time and then someone coming and knocking at your shoulder. I think hololens have a better future! You have possibility to see everything and build your own gaming place.


Post a link to (or embed) an online video that demonstrates the use of one of these technologies and explain briefly what it is and why you chosen it.

Iron man/Hololens

See the link above.
I chose to speak about hololens but from a scene in “IRON MAN”.
In “Iron Man” they using almost the same technology as hololens and since I saw “Iron Man” I have dream about the day when we can use the same technology in our world. It’s a cool technology. Hololens is a eyewear who you looking through and have connect to your computer and can use wherever you are to create things you want to se or do. You can have a car in front of you and then take away some items and put something else there.

Hololens is the beginning of the technology they using in “Iron Man”.  Hololens is so practically to use when you study, working or want to build something new for example, a car, motorbike, house. Hololens make your working days easier.









Problem Solving

1. Define one of your own personal bias’s

Every time something bad is unlucky happened I always saying “oh, of course this happened me…”, who else should it happened? I also have another weird one, it is to “thinking too good” about a car, a lottery ticket or something else who could need luck.
I think that if I saying and thinking out loud that this can go my way, something bad will happen. The car will be broken, losing on the lottery or starting to rain or something…

2. Are you a detail oriented person, or a Big picture oriented person? Explain why you think this is the case.

I think I’m both big picture and detailed person, everything depending in which situation I am in.


3. Write briefly about how the above interfered with your problem solving in the past.


if I have to do something who is mathematic then I am a detailed person, I’m trying to find everything I need to know  and maybe thinking to much…
But when I’m supposed to do something easy and is practically like building a chair, then I’m using big picture and trying to find a easy way to build the chair.
I understood myself a bit more know… when I’m thinking about what I am, I can see that I thinking to much sometimes and do it difficult for myself. But I know that I’m also using big picture very much. But I think I using that because I’m to lazy when I have to do a solution for that think.

The internet boy

Q1:  What did he do that got him into trouble?

Trying to do public domain open to everyone. Give it public access. He had download academic journal articles from MIT servers who he had access to. Government thought he did a crime because he downloads these articles.

“Q2:  What were the possible motives mentioned in the film for his so called “crime”?”

If he uses the document to sell it and earn money it would be morally wrong, because he had told everyone he doesn’t want to earn money on it. He just wants to give information to everyone.

Q3:  What does each motive imply from a MOREL and LEGAL point of view?

Aarons moral was to give access to public domain to everyone, in the morel way it’s seems right. Everyone should have the possibility to access free information. But he was broken the law when he downloads information from a place he didn’t have access to. MIT thought he would use it for his own gain, by selling it and earn money. So legal they had right.

Q4:  Why were understanding his motives so important?

He wanted that internet was free like it always was. He wanted that all people should have possibility to access to information for free. No government or company should earn money on something who should be free for everyone.

Q4.1: How many charges did this end up giving him?

Wire fraud, unlawfully obtaining information from a protected computer, computer fraud. From the begin it was only these four but it changed to 13 charges instead.

Q5: What was wrong with the sopa bill?

With sopa bill you will lose your freedom at internet. You lose your right to get access to free information.

 Q6: Why did It look like the bill would be impossible to stop from passing?

Because it was so many people on the bills side, these people had big power and a lot of money.

Q7:  What were some of the significant factors that helped raise awareness for dismissing the sopa bill?

A lot of different big sites supported Aaroe by using a “blacked out” day where they turned their sites to black and on this way they started a manifestation against sopa.

 Q7.1  Whats the important message about this victory to those of us in the “new world”

That we can change the world if everyone is standing up against the “big power” and telling them what’s wrong. People with a lot of money won’t win always, a lot of people could be stronger.

Q8:  “Bringing public access to the public domain”, “books are our cultural legacy”.  What are these statements have to do with his passion … (37:25)

He like to write and read about things he like and not things he must. He believed in a world for everyone, everything who is “meant for all” should be on that way. The government can’t have it stored and then sell it to private people. So that’s why he wanted to open up the public domain. So everyone could get information.

Q9:  What does q8 have to do with Jack Andraka

By Aaron could Jack find information about cancer and find a new way to bot pancreatic cancer

Q10:  Whats the most important question on this list. Why?

I think it’s question nine because of Aaron, could Jack find information about pancreatic cancer. If Aaron haven’t stood up for what he believed in and saw what was wrong with sopa, hadn’t Jack found information about pancreatic cancer and hadn’t found a way to cure it. It would take even longer to find a way to cure pancreatic cancer. So now we are maybe closer to find a way to treat cancer.




Internet resources

The internet’s own boy  Date: 28/3-2016: 10:20PM.


Innovative thinking!


Could it even be more easy run with music??

I was looking for some cool stuff on “Kickstarter”, to see if I could find something interesting who will be produced soon. After all the looking I found a sorts of mp3/Ipod shuffle, it’s the same size and it’s also a music player, called “mighty”. Mighty is a music player you can take with you as easy as mp3/Ipod shuffle.

So why not just use a mp3, smartphone or ipod nano?

Well, you can use mp3/ipod nano but then you have to buy music and download over all the music to the player and that would take a long time and it’s expensive to buy all the music. Smartphone is to big and to ungainly to take with you.
Mighty is a streaming gadget and using Spotify. No, you don’t have to be online all the time. You connecting your Mighty to a phone and using a app to send and download over the playlist/music from Spotify. On this way your Mighty get a lot of music, won’t use a lot of power like a phone and you don’t have to pay a lot to get music.
You can use wired or wireless headphones or speakers.
It will be very easy to do exercises now, you can have put the device everywhere, now you don’t need to have a big smartphone who is ungainly and are afraid to drop and brake.



I think this gadget will be big and used a lot in the future. Because it’s cheap, easy to put music on and easy to take with you. People have always wanted to run with music and tried to find a good way to weir around the smartphone but haven’t found the best way yet.


History about portable music

People have always tried to create music portable and always wanted to have the music with you. For long a time, they sing all the time and play instrument. The last 20 years have they tried to do music portable more technology by using the new technology. You have seen portable cd players, mp3, old phones with possibility to have music inside, ipod/ipad and now you using the smartphone all the time. You have also seen how company have find ways to wear smartphones on good ways (on the arm). But almost everyone of these things have been clumsy or not user friendly. They have been to big or difficult and expensive.


My thoughts about Mighty

When I’m out and running, I feel it very difficult and annoying with the smartphone. It is to clumsy and I’m always a bit scare to drop it.
So I looking forward to see Mighty on the market and try it. I think it would be very easy to exercises with it. Especially when you also using wireless headphones.



“Mighty is perfect for the one who don’t want to care around
with a big smartphone or for the guy who is unplugged from the world”



Hellblade development

 “describe obstacles that this  innovation will have to overcome”

They will have problem to control money, to not use to much for all equipment. They trying to keep the cost down by using a loft of different cameras to do 3d animation of a real human. On this way they can reduce the time and don’t have to programming and paint every player. But the problem they have to win are to use as little money as possible and they have to ensure that all employees continue working, if someone quitting they maybe have to start over again.





           Internet resources


Treaty Questions blog


Two specific examples how the history of the treaty
fits in with the larger global events

Government take responsibility!

In the year 1837, British Government decided to take their responsibility in New Zealand. By stopping colonization to grow to much and transactions that defrauded Māori were stopped.
They did the same thing in India at 1750 to get more land and to broaden the market. Instead of plunder countries, they start to take over these countries and using for market and get more power and money.

This is similar because the British government decided to take care of all the country they had, to take over land and build a good colony, who doesn’t just cost money. Instead they build a society who collecting money and creating valuable things.

War about land

 In 1860 was a war started in New Zealand and happened because British and the colonist fought to get land in north also. But in the middle of this, a volatile didn’t want to sell the land so it’s ending with a war between them. Sadly, a lot of Maori died and the European population grew.
Almost same thing happened in India, people tried to fight against the British colonist but ended with a defeat. Instead did the British people take over even more power from trading companies.

This is similar because people fight for their country and their freedom but unfortunately a lot of people died for nothing… In both countries did the British colonist win land and more power.



Treaty parts 2 Racial Prejudice

In 1959 it began to get reports about racial prejudice against Māori, sometimes people was denied to work for companies like service at hotel. So people start to organize a public outcry to put up rules against racism.

I chose to write about the racism because I was surprised to read that it had happened here. When I’m in this country right now, it’s feel like every people I meet is very kind and doesn’t care where you are from and how you look like, they threat you the same like everyone else. I didn’t think that New Zealand was a country who had racism, that this was the “free country” where everyone was welcome and would be loved, even if that had happened a long time ago.


What does the united nations have to do with the Treaty?


How can United Nations help New Zealand

United Nations is a way to organize international cooperation to be a better world. United Nations gave New Zealand a voice in world affairs so they could get help or send help to other countries in case of emergency. With Untied Nations we got document with a lot of rules and laws, the document is UNDRIP and stands for “universal declaration of human rights. This document tells us in bread terms that we have to be kind against everyone, that we have right to a life, a freedom and a safe life. That everyone is born free and equal in dignity and rights. This laws have helped New Zealand to be the country it is today, a free country with a lot of different cultures. It helped New Zealand to see people on the same way like everyone else and helped people.

You can find the document about human rights on“http://www.un.org/esa/socdev/unpfii/documents/DRIPS_en.pdf.”



Have they right to govern themselves?

Well, it’s mixed feelings about their freedom to build their own place. Because if they build their own place and get some allies, they can be very strong and maybe starting a war against the people who send them there (this case Britain). But I also think it’s right to give people freedom, they should have the possibility to do what they want. They should decide what they want to do with the country they living in.



Idea of governing and protecting indigenous
and way of life.

Maori language dying!

In the middle of 1920 many were worried about Maori language, they thought it was dying because there were a lot of English speaking human who come to the country. People in New Zealand protect the language by not speaking English when they trade with settlers, only way to trade with this people was to speak Maori. So professor Samuel Lee worked out a way to systematize the written language. So after a wild Maori people all over the country teach each one to speak and write. And that was a way to keep the language alive, to teach new people.


Digital age could destroy small business

Social network and media can trick you, they telling you to go to this store because it’s cheap and good quality. But instead they maybe take more damage in the long term. The small business will suffer, because of big company coming to their city and take all the customers. They using a lot of money to market theirs company and products compare to a small company. Small company can’t offer to much money on marketing. So After a wild will maybe all the small business disappear and you will only see one company. Then you will see how they raising their prices. They losing theirs competitor so they can do whatever they want. So today’s technology can also hurt many small companies just because they don’t have enough with money to market themselves. But it can also help them. When they using social network, they don’t need to use a lot of money for that, it’s a cheap and good way to show their company.








Week three: Business Systems



  1. Cheque Butt – Shows details about a cheque written including date, person or business being paid, reason for payment and amount
  1. Credit Note – Used when a customer has returned goods purchased or been overcharged on their original purchase
  1. Internal Source Document – Generated within the business and retained within the business
  1. Invoice – Details what the customer has purchased including date, description and quantity
  1. Purchase Order – Purchaser issues this to a supplier listing what goods they want to order
  1. Receipt – May be prepared when money is received by the business
  1. Remittance Advice – Shows details of who is making a payment and what they are making the payment for
  1. Source Document – Provides the evidence that a transaction has actually taken place
  1. External Source Document – Generated outside the business or created by the business to send out
  1. Statement – Summary of invoices and credit notes issued to the customer and payments received from the customer
  1. Tax Invoice – An invoice which meets the extra requirements when a business is registered for GST


  1. Accounts Payable – also known as Creditors
  2. Accounts Payable – amounts our business owes someone else
  3. Accounts Receivable – also known as debtors
  4. Accounts Receivable – amounts someone owes our business
  5. Assets – resources controlled by our business as a result of past events
  6. Bad Debt – an amount owed to us which is uncollectable and is written off
  7. Non-Current Assets – also known as Fixed Assets
  8. Non-Current Assets – are assets of permanent nature required for the normal conduct of a business and which aren’t intended for resale as part of the business operations
  9. GST – Goods and Services Tax of 15%
  10. Inventory – also known as Stock
  11. Inventory – raw materials, work in progress and goods held for resale by the business
  12. Liabilities – a loan or any other amount of money owed to someone else
  13. Mark up – the amount added to the cost of the goods to make a profit for the business
  14. Net Profit – the difference between the income and expenses of a business
  15. Net Profit – also known as net income or net surplus
  16. Partnership – business entity owned by more than 1 person
  17. Shareholder – someone who owns shares in a company
  18. Sole Trader – business owned by 1 person

Document Flow

The Business A wants to purchase goods from Business B
Business A prepares a purchase order which it sends to Business B.
Business B receives the Purchase order from Business A, locates the goods and packages them up to send to Business B.  Business B also prepares an Invoice which they may use as a packing slip as well.  The Invoice could be sent with the goods or sent at a later date to Business A.
When Business A receives the Invoice and goods they will compare what has been sent is what they ordered by comparing them to the Purchase order copy they kept.
When Business A confirms they have received what they ordered, they will pay the Invoice  using a Cheque or paying online.  They may also send back a Remittance order so business B knows who the payment comes from.
When business B receives the payment from Business A they may issue a Receipt
Business B will bank any Cheques/payments they have received into their bank account.
If Business A has not paid by the end of the month, Business B may send a Statement which shows amount still owing by Business A.
Sometimes Business B may issue Credit note if the items sent to Business A are damaged or missing.


Links for IRD

IT professional understanding business terminology and document flow


What I think

I think it’s very imported for a IT professional to understand business terminology. When you start to working for a IT company and especially if you start your own company, you will bump into paper work about business that you must read and write. It could be tax, purchase order or about your inventory.  With knowledge you will be more attractive to companies, they wont be afraid that you will do any misstake because you hadn’t the right qualification. instead, they will hire you for your skills in IT and business.


Why you should have knowledge

With knowledge in business terminology and document flow you will have understanding what would happen when you do payment or if you want to earn money from customers. When you do payment you know what to pay, you know how much tax you should pay and probably you can see if something is wrong or not. You know where to look after informations. You know which paper,when and where you send them.


What could happen if you do not
have any knowledge

Without any knowledge you can do a lot of misstakes, you maybe sending wrong invoice to wrong customer or you miss to add tax on the price. So for example if you miss to charge for the tax, then you must take money from the company to pay the government the fee for tax and the boss will not be happy about it. Maybe you forgot to give tax to the government, then you will be owe the state money..
When you want to give a invoice to the customer, you want to give the right deb for the work and tax. You don’t want to lose money and you don’t want to take too much so you will be owe money to customer, they won’t come back after that..
You maybe buying components to your company to fill up your inventory but buying to much and pay to much. There’s a lot of different misstake you can do without knowledge.

Week two: To future Joel

Hi future Joel!

How you doing?  I hope you are on the right place where I wanted you to be!

I give you some text about the future, what I thought you want to do. (written first year off my bachelor studies. 2016-03-07). It will help you to look back and compare.

I want to work with technology and specially on programming. I want to create websites and application. Build  games and apps for smartphones and build websites to company and private people.

I also want to go back to my hometown and either work with a company or start my own business. If I start my own company it has to include a lot of traveling, like I have to go from town to town to do my business. I don’t want to stay in the same town all the time, only have my main office in my hometown. Working for people and traveling to them.

After I’m been 28-30 years I want to stay in my hometown and work in my hometown with programming at some company (Clas Ohslon) or I want to be a teacher.

When I’m very old, I want to look back and see some application I’m create and that people actually using them.

I choosed to study Information technology and focus on programming because I want to create websites and application. I choosed nmit and New Zealand because it’s a beautiful country, I study full time english with something I want to learn and work with.
I like programming because I think it’s very cool that you can create so amazing websites,games or application with only numbers and letters.

I hope everything will go good Joel!
See yaa in a few years!
And don’t forget to live your life!