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How to continue develop my skills and knowledge in IT

  1. Everyone takes away something different…

    “There is no justice in following unjust laws” Aaron Swartz

    Because the government make the rules it doesn’t mean it’s right against the humanity. They can’t decide over 7.1 billion people.


  1. How are you connected?

  2. Smart home, I’m interested of smart home, what you can build and connect at your home. I’m interested of it because it’s fascinating how much help you can get by the IT. Smart home is something who is very good help for everyone and especially people who need extra help (handicapped).
    I think it’s so amazing that it’s possible to connect so much stuff in your home and   make the life so much easier, you can user your time to something else and more funny.
  1. By reading on “”, “” and follow different technology events (CES, google event, apple event, e3, IFA) will I keep me updated for the latest products.
  1. Techhive is a part of the company “IDG” and it’s one of the world’s leading company who specials on IT media. They following different events and speaking with people from different companies to get information.
    Techhive specialize on IT you can use in your home and make your life easier. By following different events I keeping me updated with the news stuff in the world, items they haven’t released yet.

      4-5. For example when they write about Google Home did they use link’s to different                    page such as the new York times and recode but also by linking to google home                       website to follow the progress.
in almost every article they using links to other different pages to back up their                      article and if they haven’t I take the name of product and search for it to see if I can                find any more information about it.

  1. So by continue reading this website, watch events, read other websites and listen to different ted talk technology about “smart home” I will continue to keep me updated about the technology.




Internet resources



Top Three Lectures

1. The internet own boy

Why it was one of my favourite.
This video was very interesting to watch and learn about “the internet own boy”, to see what he stood for and what he have done for the internet and the world.

Learned from it.
With this lesson and the video I got a understanding what SOPA was. Before had I just heard about it and didn’t care to look it up. I just thought it was another shit law USA have done against everyone who sharing and downloading stuff.
I didn’t even that SOPA was gone. So I learn a lot of important information, just because “the internet own boy”.

Most important
I learned new important thing about internet and laws. That our freedom at internet is still left.

2. “What is real”

Why it was one of my favourite.
I thought Clare made this lesson very interesting, it was fun to listen and see all the thing she where showing. I got a big eye-opener about “what is real”, I mean everything could be real, who decide it? But also nothing could be real.

Learned from it.
I got an eye-opener how people can see so different. That is very difficult to make a decision about what is real and not. This “new world” changing everything who have been, it’s very difficult to make a decision about what is “a real” world.

Most important
With all the new technology we can get a future who helping a lot of people with all their problems. There will always be a way to find friends and the future will help you with all your problems. Hololens it’s something really cool and will help a lot in classroom and home.

3. Internet of things

Why it was one of my favourite.
Internet of things was also very interesting to hear and watch about. Too see what other people think about “internet of things”.
I have always been interested of “internet of things”, because it is what I thought it was,  items you using to make your life easier.

Learned from it.
“Internet of Things” devices is very good to have and could help you a lot in the home and at the work. But it is always bad, it could collect a lot of information about you and use against you. If wrong people get the information… it is important to know that and be careful with what you do.

most important
The life will probably be easier in the future, with all these connection can we keep an “safe eye” on our house when we leaving it.
But also maybe it will be like in all the movies we watching, the government watching everything you do, saving information about you and will never let you be anonymous. So if the wrong guy/girl get the power, you can lose a lot…








Internet of things

IoT (Internet of things) is devices that working by it self and aren’t dependent of another device (computer). IoT devices should as you want, if you want to connect with other devices you should have the possibility to do that and also if you want to use it offline it should be possible. A IoT devices are (from my perspective) or should be made to make your life easier. An example are smartwatches, they keeping an eye on you and telling about your health and also it can help you to tell what is going on, on your phone.
You can use a IoT devices everywhere and wherever you want. like the smartwatch, you can use it whenever you want, with internet or without. A smartwatch can you connect to the phone or computer if you want.

The best way to use a IoT devices is to always be online with it, so you can connect together different devices through cloud or something else (this is my perspective). But as I write early, it shouldn’t be necessary to be connected. You should have the possibility to chose how you want it and have possibility to be on a place without a connection to the internet world.

I would like to use “smart home” who is a part of IoT devices but i don’t want to use it if companies will collect and store data about me. If they starting to use mics, photo and all my IoT devices to collect information about me and then using it to promote me different brands or sell the information to me.

With Raspberry Pi can you build/create an old electronic device who aren’t smart. With rb pi can you inplant to the device and make it to work online.

  • Every thing with electronic could be IoT
  • Using cloud
  • Offline or online
  • Make life easier
  • Smart home, devices who telling you what it need (smart thrasher, telling when its full)
  • Only our thoughts can stop us from what could be a IoT devices.


1, Personal story

During the upper secondary school, did I and four other students start a company (young entrepreneur). The company was focus to help people with their technology problems. It could be to configure computers, do backups, clean from virus, take backup of vhs, setup network at home or whatever you needed help with.
When we run this company it could happens sometimes that I got very irritate on the other guys, because they didn’t do much to get the company to run…
I had to take care of a lot of stuffs. Do the economic part, take care of customers, get the company to move forward by advertising. So after a while, did they choose me to the manager of the company instead of another guy. That meant I got even more responsibilities to take care of the company.

I got irritate because every time we got a customer, I had to take care of them and help them with their problems. None of the other guys wanted…
They just wanted to take the fun stuff and nothing else.

But after all, after this year with an own company and working together with other students, I learned a lot about entrepreneur. It’s not easy at all to start a business and run, you have to think about a lot of stuffs. Like how to get starting money to run the company, how to keep the economic to be alright and also how important it is to have a well working group who is ready to work hard. It is very important that all guys have almost the same goal, at least that everyone is accepting the same thoughts about the company.

2.  What of the IITPs 8 ethical tenets does your story relate to?

So when I’m looking back and compare with ethics rules, can I see that I broke against some laws but I also used some laws and learned.
The first one “Good faith”, I broke that several times… Maybe not good for a manager but when I had to do almost all work, it is easy to get frustrated and be angry. It was difficult to keep calm.
Number three “community-focus” was maybe also a rule who got broken sometimes, it maybe wasn’t good enough with the communication between us.
But when I took most of the work, took care of the economic and the company I learned a lot. When I took care of the customer, I developed myself to not be afraid/nervous to talk with other people (I was a bit nervous to speak with strangers before) and instead I visited people at home and created a good relationship with the customer at that moment. Some customer returned and asked for more help. Rule number five “Continues development”, I always learn something new and developed me each day.

I used my skills I learned and developed it even more in the reality, which did me even stronger to believe in myself and take care of more customers. Rule number four “skills”.

“3.  The 8 tenets are not listed in order of importance.  If you were to chose the 3 most important tenets what would they be and why?”

“1. Good faith – Members shall treat people with dignity, good faith and equality; without discrimination; and have consideration for the values and cultural sensitivities of all groups within the community affected by their work;“
Good faith is important to have a well working group and it is important to have patience, because everyone isn’t fast worker and you should NEVER discriminate someone, always be kind and critically in a good way.

“2. Continuous Development – Members shall develop their knowledge, skills and expertise continuously through their careers, contribute to the collective wisdom of the profession, and actively encourage their associates to do likewise;”
It always good to develop yourself. Just because you got the job you want and getting older you should never stop developing yourself, you can never get enough of knowledge, always something to learn. This is especially important in IT because everything is changing so fast.

“3. Informed Consent – Members shall take reasonable steps to inform themselves, their clients or employers of the economic, social, environmental or legal consequences which may arise from their actions;”
Every change who happen, you have to inform other. If you get some problem, it is good to tell all people who is involved in it. So they know the reason why it takes so long time.

4.  What is NMITs relationship with IITP and what are the benefits of this for nmits students?

“Nmit is one of the first to be accredited by iitp” which give students at a bachelor of IT, graduate the opportunity to work world wild. Before did student have to work for a few years to seek a work overseas.


     Internet resources


“which type of business would benefit the most from internationalisation?”

All the large business would get most use from internationalization. Probably they need to expand the company after a while because the company have been too big for the country they started in and want to go “worldwide”. They will have use of it when they using different language when the communicate or selling products to customer with different language. With today’s society it will be very easy for the business to expand to world wild.
But even small company could need to use internationalisation to import products from other country, a cheaper place or a better place where they produce the product.


“Which kind of countries would most benefit from internationalisation?”

Small country, countries with a bad economy or country with cold climate.
A small country like Sweden is necessary of internationalise because they need to import food, technology and a lot of other things. Just because of it small population and the cold climate it is necessary to import food from other country because it’s too difficult and expensive to grow own food during the winter. Also it’s not enough with resources to build a good society by resources from their own country.
With a country like China who had a bad economy and a lot of poor people it is very necessary with exporting their products and items. Just because of their cheap resources for product they have got a lot of country who want to buy items from china and that helping China to build a better economy. Their export is very big and good.



Internet resources


1. “Do you think that copying is always theft or not – explain your reasons?”

Copying is something everyone do and I don’t think it is stealing. If we weren’t allowed at all to copy others stuff, the world would developed very slowly.
We need to have the possibility to copy others things so we don’t always have to start from zero to create the thing we want.
Sure, if someone copying your thing and using exactly the same to earn money and get credit for it, then it is stealing.

Like in the music world and especially the techno/house music genre it is a lot of copy of each music. But they copy another’s music and then changing it to their own music.
And almost all the artist in this genre like that people taking their music to create something else, they almost always honor the other artist song, what a “cool” mix they did.

2. “Who is Larry Lessig and what part has he played in the copyright/copyleft debate?”

He is a professor of law and leadership, he working at “Harvard Law School” and an activist. He was one of the guys who founded “Creative Commons”.
“creative Commons” is an organization to expanding the range of creative works so other can take advantage of it and create something else or what they now want to do with it. “Creative Commons” used to share people’s works for free.

“Creative Commons”

I chose to use “Attribution 4.0 International” you can find it in the bottom of menu/Widgets to the right

You are free to:

  • Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format
  • Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material
    for any purpose, even commercially.

The licensor cannot revoke these freedoms as long as you follow the license terms.

Under the following terms:

  • Attribution — You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use.
  • No additional restrictions — You may not apply legal terms or technological measures that legally restrict others from doing anything the license permits.


  • You do not have to comply with the license for elements of the material in the public domain or where your use is permitted by an applicable exception or limitation.
  • No warranties are given. The license may not give you all of the permissions necessary for your intended use. For example, other rights such as publicity, privacy, or moral rights may limit how you use the material.



Internet resources:




What do you see are the biggest issues/problems with Digital Copyright today?

I think the biggest problem with digital copyright is all the issuers about the future technology, it takes to long time before a new product or software been established on the market. The copyright is stopping the development to develop a better product or other sorts of product baste on the first product.
People can’t produce new, better and cheaper product baste on the first one. Because the first product is protected, but it is too expensive to buy so nothing happen with it…

What is/are your solution(s) to these?

Don’t let the new products be too long protected. If it’s a product who really can change the future for our world, who is better for climate or for the human then let it be free to develop and be a better product. The world would be a better place if people charge things and build things together.

What is your opinion of the current NZ and overseas legislation attempting to protect the owner of the work?

From the beginning I thought it sounds like a good idea, it gives more opportunity for companies in New Zealand to expand their company all over the world for a smaller cost. Which is good. But when I heard that farmers and small companies in New Zealand could be losing on it, I felt that this law is bad. Every country has to take care of their farmers and small companies before they helping all big companies. It’s the smallest and “invisible” companies who do a lot of work, gives people work opportunity and helping the country.

Fair dealing


1, I think copy a text from some book, who you need to read and get information from to complete your studies is one fair dealing. It is very good that they allow you to take a copy of the text you need to read, so you don’t need to buy the whole book and use one time.


2, I think parody of scenes in a movie or video is also a fair dealing. Because you don’t copy the hole thing, you just take the basic things and then create something new and fun of it. One example is parody of the hobbit movie, they have taken a bit from it and also taken a song form “one direction” but change the song to fit “the one ring” and create something “funny”.  See link belong.


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