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How to continue develop my skills and knowledge in IT

  1. Everyone takes away something different…

    “There is no justice in following unjust laws” Aaron Swartz

    Because the government make the rules it doesn’t mean it’s right against the humanity. They can’t decide over 7.1 billion people.


  1. How are you connected?

  2. Smart home, I’m interested of smart home, what you can build and connect at your home. I’m interested of it because it’s fascinating how much help you can get by the IT. Smart home is something who is very good help for everyone and especially people who need extra help (handicapped).
    I think it’s so amazing that it’s possible to connect so much stuff in your home and   make the life so much easier, you can user your time to something else and more funny.
  1. By reading on “”, “” and follow different technology events (CES, google event, apple event, e3, IFA) will I keep me updated for the latest products.
  1. Techhive is a part of the company “IDG” and it’s one of the world’s leading company who specials on IT media. They following different events and speaking with people from different companies to get information.
    Techhive specialize on IT you can use in your home and make your life easier. By following different events I keeping me updated with the news stuff in the world, items they haven’t released yet.

      4-5. For example when they write about Google Home did they use link’s to different                    page such as the new York times and recode but also by linking to google home                       website to follow the progress.
in almost every article they using links to other different pages to back up their                      article and if they haven’t I take the name of product and search for it to see if I can                find any more information about it.

  1. So by continue reading this website, watch events, read other websites and listen to different ted talk technology about “smart home” I will continue to keep me updated about the technology.




Internet resources



Top Three Lectures

1. The internet own boy

Why it was one of my favourite.
This video was very interesting to watch and learn about “the internet own boy”, to see what he stood for and what he have done for the internet and the world.

Learned from it.
With this lesson and the video I got a understanding what SOPA was. Before had I just heard about it and didn’t care to look it up. I just thought it was another shit law USA have done against everyone who sharing and downloading stuff.
I didn’t even that SOPA was gone. So I learn a lot of important information, just because “the internet own boy”.

Most important
I learned new important thing about internet and laws. That our freedom at internet is still left.

2. “What is real”

Why it was one of my favourite.
I thought Clare made this lesson very interesting, it was fun to listen and see all the thing she where showing. I got a big eye-opener about “what is real”, I mean everything could be real, who decide it? But also nothing could be real.

Learned from it.
I got an eye-opener how people can see so different. That is very difficult to make a decision about what is real and not. This “new world” changing everything who have been, it’s very difficult to make a decision about what is “a real” world.

Most important
With all the new technology we can get a future who helping a lot of people with all their problems. There will always be a way to find friends and the future will help you with all your problems. Hololens it’s something really cool and will help a lot in classroom and home.

3. Internet of things

Why it was one of my favourite.
Internet of things was also very interesting to hear and watch about. Too see what other people think about “internet of things”.
I have always been interested of “internet of things”, because it is what I thought it was,  items you using to make your life easier.

Learned from it.
“Internet of Things” devices is very good to have and could help you a lot in the home and at the work. But it is always bad, it could collect a lot of information about you and use against you. If wrong people get the information… it is important to know that and be careful with what you do.

most important
The life will probably be easier in the future, with all these connection can we keep an “safe eye” on our house when we leaving it.
But also maybe it will be like in all the movies we watching, the government watching everything you do, saving information about you and will never let you be anonymous. So if the wrong guy/girl get the power, you can lose a lot…