Internet of things

IoT (Internet of things) is devices that working by it self and aren’t dependent of another device (computer). IoT devices should as you want, if you want to connect with other devices you should have the possibility to do that and also if you want to use it offline it should be possible. A IoT devices are (from my perspective) or should be made to make your life easier. An example are smartwatches, they keeping an eye on you and telling about your health and also it can help you to tell what is going on, on your phone.
You can use a IoT devices everywhere and wherever you want. like the smartwatch, you can use it whenever you want, with internet or without. A smartwatch can you connect to the phone or computer if you want.

The best way to use a IoT devices is to always be online with it, so you can connect together different devices through cloud or something else (this is my perspective). But as I write early, it shouldn’t be necessary to be connected. You should have the possibility to chose how you want it and have possibility to be on a place without a connection to the internet world.

I would like to use “smart home” who is a part of IoT devices but i don’t want to use it if companies will collect and store data about me. If they starting to use mics, photo and all my IoT devices to collect information about me and then using it to promote me different brands or sell the information to me.

With Raspberry Pi can you build/create an old electronic device who aren’t smart. With rb pi can you inplant to the device and make it to work online.

  • Every thing with electronic could be IoT
  • Using cloud
  • Offline or online
  • Make life easier
  • Smart home, devices who telling you what it need (smart thrasher, telling when its full)
  • Only our thoughts can stop us from what could be a IoT devices.


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