1, Personal story

During the upper secondary school, did I and four other students start a company (young entrepreneur). The company was focus to help people with their technology problems. It could be to configure computers, do backups, clean from virus, take backup of vhs, setup network at home or whatever you needed help with.
When we run this company it could happens sometimes that I got very irritate on the other guys, because they didn’t do much to get the company to run…
I had to take care of a lot of stuffs. Do the economic part, take care of customers, get the company to move forward by advertising. So after a while, did they choose me to the manager of the company instead of another guy. That meant I got even more responsibilities to take care of the company.

I got irritate because every time we got a customer, I had to take care of them and help them with their problems. None of the other guys wanted…
They just wanted to take the fun stuff and nothing else.

But after all, after this year with an own company and working together with other students, I learned a lot about entrepreneur. It’s not easy at all to start a business and run, you have to think about a lot of stuffs. Like how to get starting money to run the company, how to keep the economic to be alright and also how important it is to have a well working group who is ready to work hard. It is very important that all guys have almost the same goal, at least that everyone is accepting the same thoughts about the company.

2.  What of the IITPs 8 ethical tenets does your story relate to?

So when I’m looking back and compare with ethics rules, can I see that I broke against some laws but I also used some laws and learned.
The first one “Good faith”, I broke that several times… Maybe not good for a manager but when I had to do almost all work, it is easy to get frustrated and be angry. It was difficult to keep calm.
Number three “community-focus” was maybe also a rule who got broken sometimes, it maybe wasn’t good enough with the communication between us.
But when I took most of the work, took care of the economic and the company I learned a lot. When I took care of the customer, I developed myself to not be afraid/nervous to talk with other people (I was a bit nervous to speak with strangers before) and instead I visited people at home and created a good relationship with the customer at that moment. Some customer returned and asked for more help. Rule number five “Continues development”, I always learn something new and developed me each day.

I used my skills I learned and developed it even more in the reality, which did me even stronger to believe in myself and take care of more customers. Rule number four “skills”.

“3.  The 8 tenets are not listed in order of importance.  If you were to chose the 3 most important tenets what would they be and why?”

“1. Good faith – Members shall treat people with dignity, good faith and equality; without discrimination; and have consideration for the values and cultural sensitivities of all groups within the community affected by their work;“
Good faith is important to have a well working group and it is important to have patience, because everyone isn’t fast worker and you should NEVER discriminate someone, always be kind and critically in a good way.

“2. Continuous Development – Members shall develop their knowledge, skills and expertise continuously through their careers, contribute to the collective wisdom of the profession, and actively encourage their associates to do likewise;”
It always good to develop yourself. Just because you got the job you want and getting older you should never stop developing yourself, you can never get enough of knowledge, always something to learn. This is especially important in IT because everything is changing so fast.

“3. Informed Consent – Members shall take reasonable steps to inform themselves, their clients or employers of the economic, social, environmental or legal consequences which may arise from their actions;”
Every change who happen, you have to inform other. If you get some problem, it is good to tell all people who is involved in it. So they know the reason why it takes so long time.

4.  What is NMITs relationship with IITP and what are the benefits of this for nmits students?

“Nmit is one of the first to be accredited by iitp” which give students at a bachelor of IT, graduate the opportunity to work world wild. Before did student have to work for a few years to seek a work overseas.


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