“which type of business would benefit the most from internationalisation?”

All the large business would get most use from internationalization. Probably they need to expand the company after a while because the company have been too big for the country they started in and want to go “worldwide”. They will have use of it when they using different language when the communicate or selling products to customer with different language. With today’s society it will be very easy for the business to expand to world wild.
But even small company could need to use internationalisation to import products from other country, a cheaper place or a better place where they produce the product.


“Which kind of countries would most benefit from internationalisation?”

Small country, countries with a bad economy or country with cold climate.
A small country like Sweden is necessary of internationalise because they need to import food, technology and a lot of other things. Just because of it small population and the cold climate it is necessary to import food from other country because it’s too difficult and expensive to grow own food during the winter. Also it’s not enough with resources to build a good society by resources from their own country.
With a country like China who had a bad economy and a lot of poor people it is very necessary with exporting their products and items. Just because of their cheap resources for product they have got a lot of country who want to buy items from china and that helping China to build a better economy. Their export is very big and good.



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