Problem Solving

1. Define one of your own personal bias’s

Every time something bad is unlucky happened I always saying “oh, of course this happened me…”, who else should it happened? I also have another weird one, it is to “thinking too good” about a car, a lottery ticket or something else who could need luck.
I think that if I saying and thinking out loud that this can go my way, something bad will happen. The car will be broken, losing on the lottery or starting to rain or something…

2. Are you a detail oriented person, or a Big picture oriented person? Explain why you think this is the case.

I think I’m both big picture and detailed person, everything depending in which situation I am in.


3. Write briefly about how the above interfered with your problem solving in the past.


if I have to do something who is mathematic then I am a detailed person, I’m trying to find everything I need to know  and maybe thinking to much…
But when I’m supposed to do something easy and is practically like building a chair, then I’m using big picture and trying to find a easy way to build the chair.
I understood myself a bit more know… when I’m thinking about what I am, I can see that I thinking to much sometimes and do it difficult for myself. But I know that I’m also using big picture very much. But I think I using that because I’m to lazy when I have to do a solution for that think.


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