What do you see are the biggest issues/problems with Digital Copyright today?

I think the biggest problem with digital copyright is all the issuers about the future technology, it takes to long time before a new product or software been established on the market. The copyright is stopping the development to develop a better product or other sorts of product baste on the first product.
People can’t produce new, better and cheaper product baste on the first one. Because the first product is protected, but it is too expensive to buy so nothing happen with it…

What is/are your solution(s) to these?

Don’t let the new products be too long protected. If it’s a product who really can change the future for our world, who is better for climate or for the human then let it be free to develop and be a better product. The world would be a better place if people charge things and build things together.

What is your opinion of the current NZ and overseas legislation attempting to protect the owner of the work?

From the beginning I thought it sounds like a good idea, it gives more opportunity for companies in New Zealand to expand their company all over the world for a smaller cost. Which is good. But when I heard that farmers and small companies in New Zealand could be losing on it, I felt that this law is bad. Every country has to take care of their farmers and small companies before they helping all big companies. It’s the smallest and “invisible” companies who do a lot of work, gives people work opportunity and helping the country.

Fair dealing


1, I think copy a text from some book, who you need to read and get information from to complete your studies is one fair dealing. It is very good that they allow you to take a copy of the text you need to read, so you don’t need to buy the whole book and use one time.


2, I think parody of scenes in a movie or video is also a fair dealing. Because you don’t copy the hole thing, you just take the basic things and then create something new and fun of it. One example is parody of the hobbit movie, they have taken a bit from it and also taken a song form “one direction” but change the song to fit “the one ring” and create something “funny”.  See link belong.


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What is real?


What do you think is “real”?

Haha, how the hell should I know was my first thought…
I think this is question is one off the most difficult question to answer. If I was about 20 years in the beginning of 2000, I think this question had been more easy to answer. Then I had taken the same opinion as my parents had when I was around 10-11 years, “Don’t be in front of the computer all day, go out and play! See the real world and meet people!”  and maybe I have the same thoughts as my parents now.
I don’t want to hang in the front of a computer all day anymore, instead I want to go out and feel the fresh air and do some activity. But that could also feel like unreal sometimes, so what’s real? Is difficult to answer… Sometimes everything in the games feels real, I mean I speaking with real people and I got emotions when I’m playing, I have a lot off fun and could also be very angry. But if I was living my 20 years old life in beginning of 2000 I had told you that computers and games is unreal and you should go outside and have fun instead. Because one day will the real world disappear and all the friends you know will be gone. You never get the same connection with a guy through computers as you get in the real life.

What do you think might be two positive and two negative aspects of the hololens if it was to be widely used?

Positive, is the only thing I think about it! Does it even have any bad things?
I love the idea of hololens! It’s a cool effect I would like to use.


  • You can build your own world.
  • Meet your friend in the game.
  • Be wherever you want.


  • You have to wear clumsy eyewear.
  • You can forget what is real and unreal -> get crazy?
  • “Dreaming” all day long, don’t care about meeting people.


Do you think oculus rift will have a life outside of games?

No, I don’t think so. I think oculus rift is just a project who will die out soon. It’s a very cool project but I don’t think people want to use eyewear like oculus rift, it’s to clumsy and scary to use. People can get in chock and die if they sitting and playing for a long time and then someone coming and knocking at your shoulder. I think hololens have a better future! You have possibility to see everything and build your own gaming place.


Post a link to (or embed) an online video that demonstrates the use of one of these technologies and explain briefly what it is and why you chosen it.

Iron man/Hololens

See the link above.
I chose to speak about hololens but from a scene in “IRON MAN”.
In “Iron Man” they using almost the same technology as hololens and since I saw “Iron Man” I have dream about the day when we can use the same technology in our world. It’s a cool technology. Hololens is a eyewear who you looking through and have connect to your computer and can use wherever you are to create things you want to se or do. You can have a car in front of you and then take away some items and put something else there.

Hololens is the beginning of the technology they using in “Iron Man”.  Hololens is so practically to use when you study, working or want to build something new for example, a car, motorbike, house. Hololens make your working days easier.








Problem Solving

1. Define one of your own personal bias’s

Every time something bad is unlucky happened I always saying “oh, of course this happened me…”, who else should it happened? I also have another weird one, it is to “thinking too good” about a car, a lottery ticket or something else who could need luck.
I think that if I saying and thinking out loud that this can go my way, something bad will happen. The car will be broken, losing on the lottery or starting to rain or something…

2. Are you a detail oriented person, or a Big picture oriented person? Explain why you think this is the case.

I think I’m both big picture and detailed person, everything depending in which situation I am in.


3. Write briefly about how the above interfered with your problem solving in the past.


if I have to do something who is mathematic then I am a detailed person, I’m trying to find everything I need to know  and maybe thinking to much…
But when I’m supposed to do something easy and is practically like building a chair, then I’m using big picture and trying to find a easy way to build the chair.
I understood myself a bit more know… when I’m thinking about what I am, I can see that I thinking to much sometimes and do it difficult for myself. But I know that I’m also using big picture very much. But I think I using that because I’m to lazy when I have to do a solution for that think.