The internet boy

Q1:  What did he do that got him into trouble?

Trying to do public domain open to everyone. Give it public access. He had download academic journal articles from MIT servers who he had access to. Government thought he did a crime because he downloads these articles.

“Q2:  What were the possible motives mentioned in the film for his so called “crime”?”

If he uses the document to sell it and earn money it would be morally wrong, because he had told everyone he doesn’t want to earn money on it. He just wants to give information to everyone.

Q3:  What does each motive imply from a MOREL and LEGAL point of view?

Aarons moral was to give access to public domain to everyone, in the morel way it’s seems right. Everyone should have the possibility to access free information. But he was broken the law when he downloads information from a place he didn’t have access to. MIT thought he would use it for his own gain, by selling it and earn money. So legal they had right.

Q4:  Why were understanding his motives so important?

He wanted that internet was free like it always was. He wanted that all people should have possibility to access to information for free. No government or company should earn money on something who should be free for everyone.

Q4.1: How many charges did this end up giving him?

Wire fraud, unlawfully obtaining information from a protected computer, computer fraud. From the begin it was only these four but it changed to 13 charges instead.

Q5: What was wrong with the sopa bill?

With sopa bill you will lose your freedom at internet. You lose your right to get access to free information.

 Q6: Why did It look like the bill would be impossible to stop from passing?

Because it was so many people on the bills side, these people had big power and a lot of money.

Q7:  What were some of the significant factors that helped raise awareness for dismissing the sopa bill?

A lot of different big sites supported Aaroe by using a “blacked out” day where they turned their sites to black and on this way they started a manifestation against sopa.

 Q7.1  Whats the important message about this victory to those of us in the “new world”

That we can change the world if everyone is standing up against the “big power” and telling them what’s wrong. People with a lot of money won’t win always, a lot of people could be stronger.

Q8:  “Bringing public access to the public domain”, “books are our cultural legacy”.  What are these statements have to do with his passion … (37:25)

He like to write and read about things he like and not things he must. He believed in a world for everyone, everything who is “meant for all” should be on that way. The government can’t have it stored and then sell it to private people. So that’s why he wanted to open up the public domain. So everyone could get information.

Q9:  What does q8 have to do with Jack Andraka

By Aaron could Jack find information about cancer and find a new way to bot pancreatic cancer

Q10:  Whats the most important question on this list. Why?

I think it’s question nine because of Aaron, could Jack find information about pancreatic cancer. If Aaron haven’t stood up for what he believed in and saw what was wrong with sopa, hadn’t Jack found information about pancreatic cancer and hadn’t found a way to cure it. It would take even longer to find a way to cure pancreatic cancer. So now we are maybe closer to find a way to treat cancer.




Internet resources

The internet’s own boy  Date: 28/3-2016: 10:20PM.



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