Innovative thinking!


Could it even be more easy run with music??

I was looking for some cool stuff on “Kickstarter”, to see if I could find something interesting who will be produced soon. After all the looking I found a sorts of mp3/Ipod shuffle, it’s the same size and it’s also a music player, called “mighty”. Mighty is a music player you can take with you as easy as mp3/Ipod shuffle.

So why not just use a mp3, smartphone or ipod nano?

Well, you can use mp3/ipod nano but then you have to buy music and download over all the music to the player and that would take a long time and it’s expensive to buy all the music. Smartphone is to big and to ungainly to take with you.
Mighty is a streaming gadget and using Spotify. No, you don’t have to be online all the time. You connecting your Mighty to a phone and using a app to send and download over the playlist/music from Spotify. On this way your Mighty get a lot of music, won’t use a lot of power like a phone and you don’t have to pay a lot to get music.
You can use wired or wireless headphones or speakers.
It will be very easy to do exercises now, you can have put the device everywhere, now you don’t need to have a big smartphone who is ungainly and are afraid to drop and brake.



I think this gadget will be big and used a lot in the future. Because it’s cheap, easy to put music on and easy to take with you. People have always wanted to run with music and tried to find a good way to weir around the smartphone but haven’t found the best way yet.


History about portable music

People have always tried to create music portable and always wanted to have the music with you. For long a time, they sing all the time and play instrument. The last 20 years have they tried to do music portable more technology by using the new technology. You have seen portable cd players, mp3, old phones with possibility to have music inside, ipod/ipad and now you using the smartphone all the time. You have also seen how company have find ways to wear smartphones on good ways (on the arm). But almost everyone of these things have been clumsy or not user friendly. They have been to big or difficult and expensive.


My thoughts about Mighty

When I’m out and running, I feel it very difficult and annoying with the smartphone. It is to clumsy and I’m always a bit scare to drop it.
So I looking forward to see Mighty on the market and try it. I think it would be very easy to exercises with it. Especially when you also using wireless headphones.



“Mighty is perfect for the one who don’t want to care around
with a big smartphone or for the guy who is unplugged from the world”



Hellblade development

 “describe obstacles that this  innovation will have to overcome”

They will have problem to control money, to not use to much for all equipment. They trying to keep the cost down by using a loft of different cameras to do 3d animation of a real human. On this way they can reduce the time and don’t have to programming and paint every player. But the problem they have to win are to use as little money as possible and they have to ensure that all employees continue working, if someone quitting they maybe have to start over again.





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