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Two specific examples how the history of the treaty
fits in with the larger global events

Government take responsibility!

In the year 1837, British Government decided to take their responsibility in New Zealand. By stopping colonization to grow to much and transactions that defrauded Māori were stopped.
They did the same thing in India at 1750 to get more land and to broaden the market. Instead of plunder countries, they start to take over these countries and using for market and get more power and money.

This is similar because the British government decided to take care of all the country they had, to take over land and build a good colony, who doesn’t just cost money. Instead they build a society who collecting money and creating valuable things.

War about land

 In 1860 was a war started in New Zealand and happened because British and the colonist fought to get land in north also. But in the middle of this, a volatile didn’t want to sell the land so it’s ending with a war between them. Sadly, a lot of Maori died and the European population grew.
Almost same thing happened in India, people tried to fight against the British colonist but ended with a defeat. Instead did the British people take over even more power from trading companies.

This is similar because people fight for their country and their freedom but unfortunately a lot of people died for nothing… In both countries did the British colonist win land and more power.



Treaty parts 2 Racial Prejudice

In 1959 it began to get reports about racial prejudice against Māori, sometimes people was denied to work for companies like service at hotel. So people start to organize a public outcry to put up rules against racism.

I chose to write about the racism because I was surprised to read that it had happened here. When I’m in this country right now, it’s feel like every people I meet is very kind and doesn’t care where you are from and how you look like, they threat you the same like everyone else. I didn’t think that New Zealand was a country who had racism, that this was the “free country” where everyone was welcome and would be loved, even if that had happened a long time ago.


What does the united nations have to do with the Treaty?


How can United Nations help New Zealand

United Nations is a way to organize international cooperation to be a better world. United Nations gave New Zealand a voice in world affairs so they could get help or send help to other countries in case of emergency. With Untied Nations we got document with a lot of rules and laws, the document is UNDRIP and stands for “universal declaration of human rights. This document tells us in bread terms that we have to be kind against everyone, that we have right to a life, a freedom and a safe life. That everyone is born free and equal in dignity and rights. This laws have helped New Zealand to be the country it is today, a free country with a lot of different cultures. It helped New Zealand to see people on the same way like everyone else and helped people.

You can find the document about human rights on“”



Have they right to govern themselves?

Well, it’s mixed feelings about their freedom to build their own place. Because if they build their own place and get some allies, they can be very strong and maybe starting a war against the people who send them there (this case Britain). But I also think it’s right to give people freedom, they should have the possibility to do what they want. They should decide what they want to do with the country they living in.



Idea of governing and protecting indigenous
and way of life.

Maori language dying!

In the middle of 1920 many were worried about Maori language, they thought it was dying because there were a lot of English speaking human who come to the country. People in New Zealand protect the language by not speaking English when they trade with settlers, only way to trade with this people was to speak Maori. So professor Samuel Lee worked out a way to systematize the written language. So after a wild Maori people all over the country teach each one to speak and write. And that was a way to keep the language alive, to teach new people.


Digital age could destroy small business

Social network and media can trick you, they telling you to go to this store because it’s cheap and good quality. But instead they maybe take more damage in the long term. The small business will suffer, because of big company coming to their city and take all the customers. They using a lot of money to market theirs company and products compare to a small company. Small company can’t offer to much money on marketing. So After a wild will maybe all the small business disappear and you will only see one company. Then you will see how they raising their prices. They losing theirs competitor so they can do whatever they want. So today’s technology can also hurt many small companies just because they don’t have enough with money to market themselves. But it can also help them. When they using social network, they don’t need to use a lot of money for that, it’s a cheap and good way to show their company.









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