Week two: To future Joel

Hi future Joel!

How you doing?  I hope you are on the right place where I wanted you to be!

I give you some text about the future, what I thought you want to do. (written first year off my bachelor studies. 2016-03-07). It will help you to look back and compare.

I want to work with technology and specially on programming. I want to create websites and application. Build  games and apps for smartphones and build websites to company and private people.

I also want to go back to my hometown and either work with a company or start my own business. If I start my own company it has to include a lot of traveling, like I have to go from town to town to do my business. I don’t want to stay in the same town all the time, only have my main office in my hometown. Working for people and traveling to them.

After I’m been 28-30 years I want to stay in my hometown and work in my hometown with programming at some company (Clas Ohslon) or I want to be a teacher.

When I’m very old, I want to look back and see some application I’m create and that people actually using them.

I choosed to study Information technology and focus on programming because I want to create websites and application. I choosed nmit and New Zealand because it’s a beautiful country, I study full time english with something I want to learn and work with.
I like programming because I think it’s very cool that you can create so amazing websites,games or application with only numbers and letters.

I hope everything will go good Joel!
See yaa in a few years!
And don’t forget to live your life!


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