Communcations IT

First lesson!

 The first lesson in school and the first lesson in information technology in context did we talk about grammar and how important it is to write and speak right. How to use context, punctuations and how to capture audience on a good way.lessonone


Important to have a good title!

If you want to capture your reader or listener it’s important to start the story interesting and the header must have to do with the most important in your context and it should be specific to the place you speaking about.                               goodtitle
For example, if you telling a story about your travel to Greece and just want to talk about a specific place you visit, it would be bad to use “Greece” as the header because that would be confused. It would be better and more interesting if you used the name of the place as header and tell them it is in “Greece”. Then can people read about this place if they really want, they don’t need to go through all the text and detect that they read it unnecessarily.

So think about your header! Is it really a good header? Does it make sense to what you write about?

Writing style!

 There are so many different ways to write in this world and some are so annoying to read. It is so important to know when you can use lazy text and when you have to use good text. Sadly, there’s some people who using “chat language” when they searching for work, selling items or talking with new people and that’s so annoying!

Example of chat language,
“Hmni Joel and is ltd cause I have only oltl so why shouldn’t I have fun?
Afk because I have to crf.  CU L8R!”

That was a text who told me
“Hi, my name is Joel and is living the dream because I have only only life to live so why shouldn’t I have fun?
I have to be away from keyboard because I have to clean my room.  See you later!”

You can see how difficult and annoying it could be with shorts language, some of them are difficult to understand and even more difficult if it’s not your first language.
It’s nicer to use right writing style and not be lazy! I hate when people using chat language.




One thought on “Communcations IT

  1. I can see that you have tried to write about communication and it is more difficult since English isn’t your first language. However, what you have written about doesn’t really relate to what we talked about in class..Please look at the power point on Moodle that will give you some ideas and redo this.

    Also, it would be useful for you to think about how you set out a blog so it is appealing to the reader. Have a look at some of the other blogs for ideas. Cheers, Ellie


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